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Our Mission & Services

TCCWS is a Non-Government organisation Registered at Hyderabad under Public Societies Registration Act 1350 fasli, for the welfare of poor, down trodden and orphaned children of the society in the age group of 5 to 14 years, by providing them free food, shelter, clothing and education as well as vocational training including medical aid with a min aim to create an awareness among them that the education is the fundamental right of every child.

TCCWS is established to function as a non profit voluntary organisation with an objective to see that every child, who is the future pillar of the nation is transformed into a responsible and respectable citizen of the country when grows up.

TCCWS shall promote literacy and vocational education to make a child self supporting with an endeavour to discourage child labour at different places.

In order to develop self confidence and to promote ethical values awareness among themselves, we would like to introduce prayer, meditation and self fitness programmes like yoga, sports and games.

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